Alex Sanders

March 7, 1966


Scene Two features Anita Dark and Alex Sanders. Anita, who I first saw in Body Slammin', has got to be one of the hottest women in porn today. I like everything about her: her freckled face, tight body, spirited sexual performances, back-arching orgasms, mischievous smile, and sexy European accent. Her scene begins outside on a secluded beach. Alex photographs her in every stage of "dress" from full swimsuit to skimpy bikini to altogether nude. I must say that the site of her barenakedness partially immersed in the ocean surf just about made me cum (no hands needed!). Even more pressure built in my cock when, smiling ear-to-ear, Anita slipped off her skimpy top to reveal near-perfect boobs! Of course, the camera slowly pans over those assets so that you can savor them! After the shoot, Alex and Anita end up in a living room on a white leather couch. Alex, already nude, spreads open Anita's legs as she lies, attired in a white dress, on the white couch. They kiss lovingly (you can really tell that Alex likes her a lot!) then Alex slips her tits out of her dress and suckles them tenderly. Soon, she's naked and bent over in the doggie position so Alex can eat her pussy and finger-fuck her asshole. Then, Alex reclines on the couch so Anita can suck his already-swollen cock. The action was captured by the photographer from above, so you can look down at Anita's perfect profile as she does homage to Alex's shaft. You can also look directly into her eyes as she establishes eye-contact with Alex. Later, the videographer provides a fabulous shot directly at Anita's wiggling ass so you can savor her pussy and asshole as she continues to give Alex head while she's down on all-fours doggie style. During this segment, there are also great shots from underneath that highlight Anita's breasts. As the scene progresses, Anita climbs onto Alex, he slowly inserts his cock into her pussy, and she enthusiastically and vigorously rides him in the cowgirl position. During this segment, Anita's breasts, swaying rhythmically, bump repeatedly into Alex's face (damn, to be in his place!!!). In addition, Alex: repeatedly pulls his cock out to display Anita's gaping pussy; fondles, cradles, and nibbles-on Anita's breasts; and coaches Anita toward orgasm. To reward Alex for his attention, Anita cums all over Alex's cock as her back arches with pleasure. Later, Anita reclines on the couch and Alex fucks her pussy for a while in the missionary position (once again, he provides gaping-hole shots when he momentarily pulls out). Anita really likes Alex's attention--she looks into the camera and says "I like to fuck American boys!" In the couples' last position of the scene, Anita assumes the doggie position and Alex fucks her from behind. To end the scene, Alex pulls out of her pussy, moves his cock over her face, and sprays his load all over her mouth and chin. She sucks the remaining drops out of his shaft, then turns her beautiful green eyes to the camera and smiles ear-to-ear. This scene may not be as "hard" as others in which Alex has appeared--no anal, for example. However, the obvious pleasure that both Anita and Alex derive from the sex is very pleasurable and too rare in porn films today. In addition, Anita's enthusiastic performance is commendable. Five stars!


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