Adriana Sage

Apr 16, 1980


In Scene Three, the girls use the crystal ball to watch Mark Davis give their girlfriend Adrianna Sage an antique pink Lincoln Continental convertible for her birthday. Adrianna is an all-natural-looking Hispanic brunette with a very desirable body and close-cropped pubic hair (clean shaven below the clit). Of course, pink-obsessed Adrianna is VERY appreciative. So, they fuck on and in the classic car, which is parked in a graffiti-covered garage strewn with, you guessed it, balloons. After walking up to the car, Mark and Adrianna kiss a bit. Then, to repay Markís generosity, Adrianna opens her pink coat to reveal her completely nude--and completely desirable--body. She tosses the coat onto the trunk and Mark lifts her up and sets her on the pink furry fabric. He quickly begins to suckle her inviting nipples, and then lays her back onto the trunk so he can greedily eat the fruit of the bounty between her legs. Once Adriannaís genitals are soaked with his spit, Mark works one finger deep into her ass while he simultaneously finger-fucks her pussy with another digit. Mark eventually loosens her pussy to accept multiple fingers and uses those fingers to fuck her vigorously while she arches her back with delight, giggles happily, and murmurs, ìyouíre so good to me!î He also does an OUTSTANDING job of eating her--itís as if heís starving and sheís the first thing heís had to eat in weeks! Later, after she kisses her way down his chest, she repays the oral favor by COMPLETELY deep-throating his soaking, saliva-drenched cock (sheís VERY good at deep-throating!). She also uses both hands to stroke his throbbing member while licking his balls. When itís time for penetration, Adrianna lies face down on the truck of the car so that her pussy and legs are inside the back seat. Then, while standing on the floor of the car, Mark enters her inviting pussy with his condom-free cock in the doggie position. Adriannaís face, reflected in the pink paint of the car, betrays her intense pleasure and she shouts in ecstasy while he plows her balls-deep. The sex gets very physical, especially when Mark pulls her long black hair and she violently thrusts her body back and forth on his cock while she holds on for dear life to the boot for the convertible top. After she screams through an orgasm, she rolls over onto her back so Mark can continue to fuck herÖthis time in the missionary position. After a couple of minutes of rapid-fire thrusting, Mark pulls his cock out of her pussy, slaps her clit with it (while she giggles happily), then inches it up her voracious asshole. Meanwhile, she encourages him with some mildly nasty talk. Eventually, while Mark nibbles on her toes, Adrianna takes Markís cock completely into her ass. To prove what a nasty woman she is, Adrianna lets Mark take his cock out of her ass then shove it completely, balls-deep, down her throat! Then, he jacks himself off until he shoots a substantial load onto her tongue and face. Adrianna lets a huge stream of his cum dribble out of her mouth, off her tongue, past her chin, and onto her tits. Then, the nasty, insatiable, woman once again deep throatís Markís still-rigid dick. Then, to prove HIS nastiness, Mark leans down and kisses Adriannaís cum-covered face! FIVE STARS! Thereís only one downside to this intense scene, and thatís the bluish lighting thatís used throughout the scene. I have a secret for director Michael ZenÖ people should NEVER appear blue! Iíll take points off for the lighting in the Video category.


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